GovData360 is a compendium of the most important governance indicators. It currently consists of 33 datasets with worldwide coverage and covering time spans of more than 10 years, designed to help identify problem areas, provide guidance on the design of reforms, and monitor impacts.

Visitors to the site can:

  • View data at the country, topic, or indicator level
  • Compare indicators across similar countries
  • Compare indicators over time to identify trends
  • Download data from multiple sources, or connect to it through an API
  • Download country snapshots that feature data from multiple sources
  • Use embedded graphical tools to create and share data visualizations
  • Access related information through blogs, publications, toolkits, and other channels featured on the site
  • Link to data source sites, for more detailed explanations of methodology
  • Send queries about data needs, indicator definitions and methodologies, or generating charts and graphs
  • Send feedback on the site's content and functionality

Data sources

GovData360 currently features over 4700 indicators drawn from the following sources: