This page contains reports by topic that gather information from the most relevant data sources. Some of them refer to the questionnaire of the Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA) made by the World Bank to describe the progress of countries on strengthening the quality of their policies and institutions.
Efficiency of revenue mobilization Report

Efficiency of revenue mobilization (CPIA question 14)

This report gathers the 'guide post' indicators for CPIA question 14 from several governance indicators databases, and shows comparisons with average of the countries in its region and lending group.

Property Rights and Ruled-based Governance (CPIA question 12)

This report assesses the extent to which economic activity is facilitated by an effective legal system and rule-based governance structure in which property and contract rights are reliably respected and enforced.

Transparency, Accountability and Corruption in the Public Sector (CPIA question 16)

This criterion assesses the extent to which the executive can be held accountable and the extent to which public employees within the executive are required to account for the use of resources, administrative decisions, and results obtained.

Quality of Public Administration (CPIA question 15)

This report covers the core administration defined as the civilian central government excluding health and education personnel, and police. It refers to the CPIA question 15.